Welcome to the Faculty of Informatics and e-Learning

The Faculty of Informatics and e-Learning, AITeL, educates specialists within computer information technology (ICT). There are currently approximately 475 students at our ordinary programmes and about 40 employees at the faculty..

In co-operation with the research foundation TISIP, and in co-operation with other university colleges and universities, AITeL has managed to become the largest provider in Norway of distance learning via the Internet. The number of distant students the last years have been ca 1500.

TISIP co-operates closely with AITeL, and both are located in Brygghuset at Leütenhaven, Trondheim. On behalf of AITeL, TISIP organizes supplementary training programmes and postgraduate programmes, courses and R&D projects funded by external institutions. TISIP does also have an operation group which offers support concerning management of computer end network systems for academic institutions.

Student mobility
It is possible for students at the faculty to complete a part of their study at an institution outside Norway. Sør-Trøndelag University College has agreements with a number of European Universities and University Colleges and also Universities in USA and Australia. See the following guides for Student Mobility (In Norwegian)   Short version        http://www.aft.hist.no/internasjonalisering/studentutv/guidestudentutv.pdf

Job opportunities
Our study programmes and specialized courses qualify the students for interesting jobs in both private and public companies and institutions - for instance as programmers, computer system developers and managers, computer consultants, project leaders and web managers. 
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